1099 forms

1099-MISC payments, reporting, 226-235

mid-year balances, entering, 248-249

preferences, 192-193


accessing CDR tools, 604-605

Account Balances task group (CDR)

Reclassify Transactions dialog box, 615-617

Troubleshoot Prior Account Balances tool, 611-615

Accountant Center, customizing, 605-607

accountant’s changes to data file, importing, 530-533

Accountant’s Copy

canceling, 536

converting to company file, 549-550

accounting checklist, 62-63

Accounting preferences, 186-188

accounting principles

accrual versus cash basis reporting, 59

matching principle, 57-58


deactivating, 95-96

one-sided items, correcting, 105-108

subaccount relationships, 98-100

accounts payable

aged accounts payable, reviewing, 176

aged ...

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