Chapter 1

Administering QuickBooks


check Securing your data

check Managing QuickBooks in a multiuser environment

check Enabling audit trails

check Setting up QuickBooks for simultaneous multiuser access

check Managing accounting controls

QuickBooks does something that’s critically important to the success of your business: It collects and supplies financial information. For this reason, you want to have a firm understanding of how you can protect the data that QuickBooks collects and stores, as well as the assets that QuickBooks tracks. This chapter describes all of this.

Keeping Your Data Confidential

Accounting data is often confidential information. Your QuickBooks data shows how much money you have in the bank, what you owe creditors, and how much (or how little!) profit your firm produces. Because this information is private, your first concern in administering a QuickBooks accounting system is keeping your data confidential.

You have two complementary methods for keeping your QuickBooks ...

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