Chapter 13

Online with QuickBooks


Bullet Using the QuickBooks online payment services

Bullet Using the QuickBooks online banking service

Bullet Using the Intuit PaymentNetwork service

Bullet Reviewing other online services

In this chapter, I start by discussing the QuickBooks online banking and bill payment features and then cover the Intuit PaymentNetwork services, which are pretty cool tools for some businesses. At the end of the chapter, I briefly review some of the other online services that Intuit provides for QuickBooks users.

Doing the Electronic Banking Thing

Before I discuss using the QuickBooks online banking and payment services, you need to consider whether these features even make sense for you and your business. Online banking does make sense for some people — maybe even you. Then again, it may be more like the fins on a ’62 Cadillac: cool, but not that cool.

So what’s the commotion about?

For QuickBooks, online banking includes two parts: online banking itself and online bill payment. Basically, online banking enables you to transmit account transfer instructions to your bank ...

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