Chapter 21

Automating QuickBooks Analysis with Power Query


Bullet Becoming acquainted with Power Query

Bullet Understanding the differences between enhanced and classic reports

Bullet Manipulating Power Query results

Bullet Keeping Power Query reports fresh

In Chapter 20, I explain how you can export QuickBooks reports for analysis in Microsoft Excel. I also explain how you can manually create a PivotTable report from your data. In this chapter, I show you how to automate the steps by using Power Query to create set-and-forget connections to reports. You still need to export reports to Excel from QuickBooks, but if you save over an exported report that’s linked to Power Query, the rest of the linking and transformation process is mostly automated. If you read to the end of the chapter, you can find out how to make the process completely automated.

You can use Power Query to automate all sorts of report clean-up steps, such as unpivoting data, or transposing reports from columns into rows. This makes wide reports much easier to work with and unlocks capabilities such as PivotTables and filtering ...

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