Chapter 6: Quicken and the Web: Online Banking 111
Setting Up an
Account for Online
Applying for Online Services
The first step in a budding online relationship between Quicken and your bank
accounts is applying for online banking services at your financial institution. If
you’ve already started the application ball rolling, you can skip this section. If you
haven’t, choose Online Participating Financial Institutions to open the “Apply
for Online Financial Services” window.
Peruse the Financial Institution Directory to find your bank or institution, and
then click its name. When the company’s details appear in the right pane, simply
click the big Apply Now button to start the process. One of two things happens,
depending on whether the firm has an online application:
No online application. A window opens thanking you for your interest in
online services…and telling you to contact your financial institution. How
helpful. In the menu bar, click Home to return to the “Apply for Online Finan-
cial Services” window, which includes the telephone number to call.
Online application. Quicken displays the institution’s Web site for Quicken
folks, as you can see in Figure 6-4.
After you complete the application process, your bank will send you confirmation
information, a PIN (personal identification number) or password, and so on. Check
to make sure your account number and other information is correct. Now you’re
ready to activate your account for online services in Quicken, as described next.
Figure 6-4:
Each financial institution
has its own way of doing
things. Here you see Key
West Bank’s page for
applying for online
banking (which they call
“home banking”). Follow
the instructions on the
Web site to complete its
application. You have to
apply separately to each
financial institution
whose online services
you want to use.

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