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Quicklook at Accountancy

Book Description

It is said that money makes the world go round. It is vital to almost any organisation or individual. Accounting for it is important and accountancy, in some form, is nearly as old as money itself. Accountancy is without doubt one of the leading professions. It represents a significant part of the economy and has international scope. In this book, experienced accountant Mark Etchells takes you to the heart of this complex subject and makes it clear, without swamping you with detail. All of the basics are covered, from the background to accounts, the key elements of accounts and the ways in which they are used. It explains that accountancy in its various forms is the backbone of most types of organisation. Tax looms large whenever money is being dealt with. In a few pages, this book explains the key ways in which the taxation process works. Quicklook at Accountancy explains the structure of the profession, the fascinating range of different work undertaken by accountants, the different types of accountant and how they train. Accountants work in many different types of business. They perform important functions in government and the public sector. Firms of accountants range from the very small to the "Big four" firms which span the globe. The book looks at how they operate. The world of accountancy is changing fast. We take a peek into the future.