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Quicklook at Defence

Book Description

Defence is vital to a nation but how is it dealt with in a time of rapid change, new challenges and shrinking budgets? Quicklook at Defence gives the answers and sets out the historic and strategic background to Britain's defence in the 21st Century. With a long history of military involvements, Britain continually works to protect and defend itself and its allies around the world. Today, defence is surrounded by political controversy and this book aims to cover exactly how it fits into government, foreign policy, international law and other institutions. Stuart Middleton covers new challenges, such as terrorism, cyber warfare and the complications faced when mounting operations in a media age. The book examines the separate but increasingly linked fields of the Army, Navy and Air Force, and their use of cutting edge equipment. The meeting of old and new thinking in a world built upon traditions yet reliant on ground-breaking innovation is explored as a key theme. You experience Army life at the sharp end as you take charge of a Battalion for a month.