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Quicklook at Dogs

Book Description

We share a stronger bond with dogs than we do with any other animal. Why is this?

Quicklook at Dogs explores the extraordinary relationship we have with dogs. It explores the origins of the dog and its development, which has been closely intertwined with Man for many thousands of years. Dogs can play a significant role in our lives. Some of them perform important tasks.

Why have different breeds developed? How has this been achieved? What are the pros and cons of the process? How is breeding regulated? What, exactly, is a pedigree dog? What are the main breeds and classes of dog? What should we look out for before getting a dog?

The book looks at the life of a dog, health issues and the place of dogs in the modern world. What laws apply? How is irresponsible breeding to be dealt with? What can be done about stray and abandoned animals? There are many charities working in this area: who are they and what do they do?

Spend a day following a busy kennel maid.

Celebrate the lives of some famous dogs. Consider what the future may hold.