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Quicklook at Marketing

Book Description

It is impossible to escape marketing in the modern world. It takes many forms and involves a bewildering range of skills. Huge resources are devoted to it.

The success or failure of businesses and many other organisations is dependent on marketing. It brings in the business which creates revenue and profit.

Marketing affects us all every day. It is important to know how it works. This book covers all of the key areas. It looks at marketing at a strategic level. It also describes the various techniques involved, including market research, product development and launch. It lifts the lid on a mix of creative communication methods, such as advertising in its many forms, public relations, sales promotion, merchandising and display.

Modern approaches include on line selling, backed by social networking and viral marketing. The vital importance of electronic sales methods and the information that they provide is explained. Selling is part, but only part, of marketing. We look at the techniques involved and the many different types of selling, covering products ranging from chewing gum to aircraft. The importance of focus on the customer is made clear.

By the end of this short book you will be well qualified to understand how a skilful marketing director approaches a major marketing challenge, as we follow an example.