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QuickTime for Filmmakers

Book Description

Over the decades, distribution has remained the most elusive aspect of filmmaking. The Web provides filmmakers with a new option for distribution, exhibition, and broadcast. While other media streaming technologies are available, QuickTime remains the most popular option for its versatility, excellent quality, and ease of use.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. About Movies
  6. Dedication
  7. Contents
  8. Preface
  9. Chapter 1 QuickTime: An Introduction
    1. The QuickTime Player
    2. Other QuickTime Components
  10. Chapter 2 From Grain to Pixels: Film, Video, and QuickTime
    1. Motion Picture Production for the Web
    2. Interlaced and Progressive Video
    3. Targeting Your QuickTime Content
    4. Optimizing Your Movie in Preproduction, Production, and Postproduction
  11. Chapter 3 The QuickTime Player and Plug-in
    1. The QuickTime Controller Bar
    2. The QuickTime Player
  12. Chapter 4 Basic Editing with QuickTime Pro
    1. Making Selections
    2. Copy-and-Paste Editing
    3. Saving a Movie as a Self-contained File
    4. Editing Tracks
    5. Resizing and Repositioning a QuickTime Track
    6. Rearranging Video Tracks
    7. Using Masks
    8. Video Effects Using QuickTime’s Graphics Mode
    9. Other Graphics Modes
  13. Chapter 5 A Filmmaker’s Guide to Compression
    1. Compressing Time-based Video and Audio
    2. The MPEG Codecs
    3. QuickTime Codecs
    4. Compressing Your Movie with QuickTime Pro
    5. Additional Codecs for QuickTime
    6. Audio Codecs
    7. Professional Compression with Discreet Cleaner
    8. Preprocessing for Custom Compression
    9. Kinoma for PDA Video
    10. Compression Summary
    11. Frame Size
    12. Frame Rate
    13. Testing
  14. Chapter 6 Immersive Imaging with QTVR
    1. Panoramic and Immersive Imaging
    2. Object Movies
    3. QTVR Scenes
    4. Compression for QTVR
    5. Making a QTVR Project
    6. Repositioning and Resizing QTVR Tracks
  15. Chapter 7 Interactivity with QuickTime
    1. A Basic Interactive Slide Show
    2. Making Custom Media Skins
    3. Instant Media Skins with Tattoo
    4. Wired Sprites
    5. Tutorial: Make a QuickTime VR Skinned Movie with Wired Buttons, Hot Spots, and Text
  16. Chapter 8 QuickTime Options for Distribution and Exhibition
    1. Exhibition via Hard Disk
    2. Exhibition via CD-ROM
    3. DVD
    4. Exhibition via the World Wide Web or Other Network
    5. Targeting and Loading URLs with HREF Tracks
  17. Chapter 9 QuickTime Tools and Applications
    1. Nonlinear Editing
    2. Streaming
    3. Special-Effects Software
    4. Interactive QuickTime Tools
    5. Compression and Encoding
    6. QTVR
    7. Other QuickTime Software
  18. Appendix A Installing QuickTime and Upgrading to QuickTime Pro
    1. Standard or Pro Edition?
    2. Upgrade to QuickTime 6 Pro
    3. Updates and Corrections
  19. Appendix B Glossary
  20. Appendix C QuickTime Web Sources and Articles
    1. QuickTime in General
    2. Text Tracks
    3. QuickTime Media Skins
    4. Interactive QuickTime, Flash, and Wired Sprites
    5. Web Streaming
    6. Streaming Media
    7. Compression and Codecs
    8. Discreet cleaner
    9. Final Cut Pro
    10. Film Versus Video
    11. MPEG-4
    12. QTVR
    13. Miscellaneous QuickTime Tutorials and Information
  21. Appendix D Web Exhibition Venues
    1. Other Venues
  22. Appendix E Bibliography
  23. Index