How to do it...

Perform the following steps to perform cluster validation using the proteinIntake dataset:

  1. First, load the protein.csv file and do some preprocessing to scale and alter the row names:
> proteinIntake <- read.csv("protein.csv")> rownames(proteinIntake)=proteinIntake$Country> proteinIntake$Country=NULL> proteinIntakeScaled =
  1. Compute the optimal number of clusters and visualize the result:
> nb <- NbClust(proteinIntakeScaled, distance = "euclidean", = 2, = 9, method = "ward.D2", index ="all")> fviz_nbclust(nb) + theme_minimal()

The following figure gives us an idea of the computations:

The following image gives us a plot of the number of clusters versus frequency:

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