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R Data Visualization - Basic Plots, Maps, and Pie Charts

Video Description

Master the visualization capabilities of R to build interactive graphs, plots, and Pie charts.

About This Video

  • Generate various plots in R using the basic R plotting techniques

  • Utilize R packages to add context and meaning to your data

  • Design interactive visualizations and integrate them on your website or blog

  • In Detail

    R is an open source language for data analysis and graphics. It is platform-independent and allows users to load various packages as well as develop their own packages to interpret data better.This video is packed with practical recipes, designed to provide you with all the guidance needed to get to grips with data visualization with R.

    We start - off with the basics of R plots and an introduction to heat maps and customizing them. After this, we gradually take you through creating interactive maps using the googleVis package. Finally, we generate choropleth maps and contouring maps, bubble plots, and pie charts.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : A Simple Guide to R
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:25
      2. Installing Packages and Getting Help in R 00:05:34
      3. Data Types and Special Values in R 00:04:47
      4. Matrices and Editing a Matrix in R 00:04:28
      5. Data frames and Editing a data frame in R 00:03:57
      6. Importing and Exporting Data in R 00:04:35
      7. Writing a Function and if else Statement in R 00:03:12
      8. Basic and Nested Loops in R 00:02:17
      9. The apply, lapply, sapply, and tapply Functions 00:03:32
      10. Using and Saving Par to Beautify a Plot in R 00:03:52
    2. Chapter 2 : Basic and Interactive Plots
      1. Introducing a Scatter Plot with Texts, Labels, and Lines 00:13:13
      2. Connecting Points and Generating an Interactive Scatter Plot 00:08:22
      3. A Simple and Interactive Bar Plot 00:10:49
      4. Introduction to Line Plot and Its Effective Story 00:08:10
      5. Generating an Interactive Gantt/Timeline Chart in R 00:02:58
      6. Merging Histograms 00:04:12
      7. Making an Interactive Bubble Plot 00:04:31
      8. Constructing a Waterfall Plot in R 00:03:01
    3. Chapter 3 : Heat Maps and Dendrograms
      1. Constructing a Simple Dendrogram 00:06:47
      2. Creating Dendrograms with Colors and Labels 00:05:13
      3. Creating Heat Maps 00:04:35
      4. Generating a Heat Map with Customized Colors 00:02:21
      5. Generating an Integrated Dendrogram and a Heat Map 00:02:35
      6. Creating a Three- Dimensional Heat Map and Stereo Map 00:02:36
      7. Constructing a Tree Map in R 00:05:22
    4. Chapter 4 : Maps
      1. Introducing Regional Maps 00:04:28
      2. Introducing Choropleth Maps 00:04:31
      3. A Guide to Contour Maps 00:05:17
      4. Constructing Maps with bubbles 00:05:07
      5. Integrating Text with Maps 00:03:41
      6. Introducing Shapefiles 00:06:12
      7. Creating Cartograms 00:04:45
    5. Chapter 5 : The Pie Chart and Its Alternatives
      1. Generating a Simple Pie Chart 00:05:49
      2. Constructing Pie Charts with Labels 00:04:54
      3. Creating Donut Plots and Interactive Plots 00:05:32
      4. Generating a Slope Chart 00:03:28
      5. Constructing a Fan Plot 00:02:54