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R Graph Essentials

Video Description

A visual and practical approach to learning how to create statistical graphs using R

About This Video

  • Learn the basics of R graphs and how to make them

  • Customize your graphs according to your specific needs without using overcomplicated techniques/packages

  • Step-by-step instructions to create a wide range of professional-looking graphs

  • In Detail

    R is a powerful tool for performing statistical analyses and drawing publication-quality graphics. This tool is ideal for organizing and graphing huge datasets. It also provides various techniques for plotting a variety of simple and more complex statistical graphs.

    R Graph Essentials is a beginner’s course to learning about R graphics. This course will provide you with both a solid grounding in the so-called “base” graphics package in R as well as introducing elements from more sophisticated packages, such as lattice and ggplot2.

    R Graph Essentials explains the basic functionality of R graphs in detail in order to familiarize you with how they work. The course starts with very basic R plot functions, first helping you to gain control of this function, then moving on towards various advanced plotting functions.

    Different types of graphs are used to visualize different types of variables. The R Graph Essentials video course classifies these graphs and teaches them separately. This course is a compilation of tips and tricks related to the most efficient ways of drawing various types of graphs using basic R plotting functionality. Additionally, bivariate plots, time series, and high dimensional plots are also covered in this course. By the end of this course, you will be in a position to create your own ETL processes within a short amount of time.

    The course offers a practical and interactive way to learn about R graphics, equipping you with the tools to draw informative statistical plots to effectively visualize your data.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Introducing Plot Functions
      1. Introduction 00:02:02
      2. Generating a Basic Plot with Titles 00:03:09
      3. Putting Legends and Setting Margins 00:03:54
      4. Putting Texts and Mathematical Expressions to the Plot 00:02:29
      5. Symbols and Colors in the Plot 00:03:16
      6. Saving the Plots in Various Formats 00:02:23
    2. Chapter 2: Further Control Over Plot Function
      1. Controlling Axes and Boxes 00:02:25
      2. Controlling Layouts and Splits 00:02:37
      3. Controlling the Color of Plot Elements 00:02:12
      4. Controlling Line Patterns and Width 00:02:14
      5. Controlling Texts of Plot Elements 00:02:36
    3. Chapter 3: Plots for Categorical Variables
      1. Pie Chart for One Variable 00:02:38
      2. Bar Chart or Pareto Chart for One Variable 00:02:15
      3. Bar Chart for More Than One Variable 00:02:05
      4. Labeling the Pie and Bar Charts 00:02:28
      5. Dot Charts 00:02:07
    4. Chapter 4: Plots for Continuous Variables
      1. Stem-and-leaf Plots 00:03:01
      2. Histogram, Comparison, and Handling Bins 00:02:54
      3. Density, Rug Representation, and Overlay Plots 00:02:23
      4. Boxplots and Parameters 00:02:14
      5. Side-by-side Boxplots and Parameters 00:03:07
    5. Chapter 5: Bivariate Plots for Two Continuous Variables
      1. Scatter Plot and Parameters 00:02:31
      2. Adding Straight Lines and Jitter Points 00:02:28
      3. Adding Model Summaries in the Plot 00:03:45
      4. Sub-grouping in a Scatter Plot 00:03:36
      5. Conditioning Plots 00:01:32
    6. Chapter 6: Time Series Plots
      1. Plotting Basic Line Graphs Using a Function 00:03:17
      2. Default Time Series Plots 00:04:20
      3. Plotting Date and Time Variables 00:02:01
      4. Plotting Trend 00:02:11
      5. Setting Appropriate Time Axes 00:02:00
    7. Chapter 7: Visualizing Contour Plots and Three-dimensional Plots
      1. Drawing Contour Plots in Base Package 00:02:00
      2. Drawing Contour Plots in Lattice 00:01:45
      3. Drawing Surfaceplot Using Base Graphics 00:01:49
      4. Drawing Surfaceplot Using Lattice 00:02:10
      5. Drawing an Interactive 3D Plot 00:02:11
    8. Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Topics
      1. Creating Maps 00:04:24
      2. Interactive Options 00:04:47
      3. R Commander 00:03:30
      4. Trees and Clustering 00:02:42
      5. RStudio Interface for Graphics 00:04:04