Practical project

The dataset contains a sample of 5000 users from the anonymous ratings data from the Jester Online Joke Recommender System collected between April 1999 and May 2003 (Gold- berg, Roeder, Gupta, and Perkins 2001). The dataset contains ratings for 100 jokes on a scale from -10 to 10. All users in the data set have rated 36 or more jokes. Let's load the recommenderlab library and the Jester5K dataset:

> library("recommenderlab")
> data(Jester5k)
> Jester5k@data@Dimnames[2]
[1] "j1" "j2" "j3" "j4" "j5" "j6" "j7" "j8" "j9"
[10] "j10" "j11" "j12" "j13" "j14" "j15" "j16" "j17" "j18"
[19] "j19" "j20" "j21" "j22" "j23" "j24" "j25" "j26" "j27"
[28] "j28" "j29" "j30" "j31" "j32" "j33" "j34" "j35" "j36"
[37] "j37" "j38" "j39" "j40" ...

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