R Troubleshooting Solutions

Video description

Explore various solutions to tackle common obstacles in R Programming language.

About This Video

  • Learn to troubleshoot R problems across a variety of domains
  • Find practical solutions with explanations for why they work
  • Expand your mastery of the R programming language

In Detail

R is a popular programming language for machine learning, statistics, and data analysis. While powerful and expressive, R is not without its pitfalls and novice developers may find themselves spending much of their time troubleshooting bugs and edge cases rather than getting on with the task at hand.. This course will prepare R programmers for problems they are likely to encounter and teach them how to overcome these obstacles.

The solutions are grouped into four categories and structured as questions that an R programmer might ask (or search for). Each video provides a practical solution to one of these questions. We begin by looking at common difficulties in manipulating data frames, followed by troubleshooting problems that arise from some of the more confusing building blocks of the core R language. Next, you will learn practical techniques for importing and exporting data, and finally resolve common issues when drawing graphics with ggplot2.

The questions and solutions provided in this course are based on some of the most common internet searches and forum posts for R troubleshooting, and thus represent problems almost all beginner and intermediate R programmers are likely to encounter. Taking a problem-solution approach, the course will upgrade your R skills and help you save time and effort when writing R.

Product information

  • Title: R Troubleshooting Solutions
  • Author(s): Dr. David Wilkins
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789137088