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R U #SoLoMo Ready?

Book Description

In today’s highly cluttered digital marketing environment there is a great need for marketers to fully comprehend a new breed of consumers. This book introduces the rising trend of SoLoMo consumers who embrace an omnichannel marketing approach. Consumers are rapidly moving between channels and platforms, which is why marketers are finding it so difficult to implement an integrated marketing strategy. Today’s consumers can check into a store with the use of a geolocation service (Foursquare), redeem an offer that is available, and share their comment on that platform. Then immediately they can post an update on their Facebook timeline, referencing the retailer’s page. SoLoMo consumers have three basic characteristics: SOcial media engagement, LOcal findability, and smartphone MObility. The authors conceptualize this new marketing approach, and provide examples to illustrate the case. The SoLoMo phenomenon has completely changed the way marketers need to operate their campaigns, from the way they conceive of their relationship with the customer to the way they design and operate campaigns.