Chapter 12. Managing RabbitMQ Error Conditions

In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Monitoring RabbitMQ's behavior
  • Using RabbitMQ to troubleshoot itself
  • Tracing RabbitMQ's ongoing activity
  • Debugging RabbitMQ's messages
  • What to do when RabbitMQ fails to restart
  • Debugging using Wireshark


Whenever we develop an application, it's a common practice to develop a diagnostic infrastructure. This can be based on log files, SNMP traps, and many others.

RabbitMQ provides both standard log files and a built-in messaging-based troubleshooting solution.

We will see how to use these features in the first three recipes.

Sometimes, there are problems that prevent RabbitMQ from starting. In this case, it's mandatory to fix the problem directly ...

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