List of Abbreviations

1G–5G first to fifth generation (wireless networks)
AF additional filter (of a DFE)
AM/AM amplitude-dependent amplitude distortion
AM/PM amplitude-dependent phase distortion
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Services
APD avalanche photo diode
ASK amplitude shift keying
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
AWGN additive white Gaussian noise
BER bit error rate
BIBO bounded input bounded output
BPF band pass filter
BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
CATV community antenna TV
CBS central base station
CCDF complimentary cumulative distribution function
CDMA code division multiple access
MCCDMA, MC-CDMA: multi carrier CDMA
LAS-CDMA: large-area synchronized CDMA
OFCDMA: orthogonal frequency CDMA
TS-CDMA: time synchronous CDMA
WCDMA: wideband CDMA
DS-CDMA: direct spread CDMA
CIR channel state information
CMT cross-multiplied terms
CW continuous wave (light)
CWTA Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association
DFB distributed feedback laser
DFE decision feedback equalizer
NEDFE: nonlinearly enhanced DFE
HDFE: Hammerstein DFE
DOCSIS data over cable service interface specifications
DROF digitized radio over fiber
DSB double side band (modulation)
DSL digital subscriber loop
DSP digital signal processing
DVB-T digital video broadcast–terrestrial
EAM electro Absorption modulator
EDFA erbium-doped fiber amplifier
EIN equivalent input noise
E/O electrical to optical conversion
EOM ...

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