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Rails Pocket Reference

Book Description

Rails 2.1 brings a new level of stability and power to thisacclaimed web development framework, but keeping track of itsnumerous moving parts is still a chore. Rails PocketReference offers you a painless alternative to hunting forresources online, with brief yet thorough explanations of the mostfrequently used methods and structures supported by Rails 2.1,along with key concepts you need to work through the framework'smost tangled corners.Organized to help you quickly find what you need, this book willnot only get you up to speed on how Rails works, it also provides ahandy reference you can use anywhere, anytime. Inside, you'll findessential information on how to:

  • Install Rails with RubyGems

  • Build, compile, and process files with Rake

  • Test Rails applications using assertions and fixtures

  • Use Rails with Ajax

  • Connect objects to a database using ActiveRecord

  • Make web requests with the Action Controller framework

  • Use REST web service APIs

  • And much more. Save yourself hours of frustration: If you useRails daily and just want the facts -- fast -- this is yourbook.