CHAPTER 4Making Magic: Enhancing Artistic Productions

When all the production elements of any performance come together to enrich storytelling, the experience is magical and exciting. The set, props, lighting, projections, sound, and costumes are all beautifully in sync, and no one element stands out above the others. Of course, the performers are also part of the magic, but there are already numerous books about that craft. This chapter is about the technology used all around them.

Each of the professional designers, artists, and production staff members interviewed here are passionate about creating art and equally thrilled with the tools that technology offers to help them keep on schedule and budget, and to sometimes help them create something entirely new. Interviewees also mentioned the importance of making sure the technologies they used aided in the storytelling. Unless technology itself was part of the story being told, not one of them wanted their work to distract from the whole.

This chapter covers ways technology can help flesh out creative ideas, as well as ways to help different production areas work together. The software, hardware and web‐based programs referenced in this chapter are pulled together at the end for easy reference. As everyone interviewed pointed out, technology is changing constantly, so the specific tech solutions mentioned may be out‐of‐date by the time you read this. Instead, consider paying attention to the ways people use technology to problem‐solve ...

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