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Rapid LESS

Video Description

Write less code, time-saving cheats, and design a professional website using the LESS CSS preprocessor

About This Video

  • Design a top-notch website with one of the best CSS pre-processors

  • Take your CSS skills a step higher by using LESS and write lesser code

  • Learn about variables, mixins, nesting, operations and functions to design your website in quick easy steps

  • Save time and money by making projects more maintainable and easier to update and revise in the future

  • A simple, easy to follow tutorial with key features and functions that will simplify your day-to-day workflow

  • In Detail

    With time being such a valuable commodity in this day and age, being able to enhance and even simplify your workflow while building and maintaining websites is priceless. Using LESS you can reduce the time it takes for the development and maintenance of your website through cleaner, more dynamic, and easily updatable stylesheets.

    This course will take you through all the essential tools to begin writing better CSS with LESS.We will begin with the basics of LESS, highlighting all the key features in easy-to-follow, step-by-step chunks, ending with some existing scenarios where LESS could be beneficial and additional publications to further your education.Then we will cover variables, LESS' way of storing repetitive data such as color values, font sizes, and more using customized names. After this, we will take a look at mixins, a CSS type function in LESS that, among other things, will greatly simplify the use of CSS3. In nesting, we will discuss how to write shorter, cleaner CSS. Finally, we’ll cover various functions and operations available within LESS that will allow you to further simplify your CSS and perform some really impressive actions you thought you’d never be able to do!

    Rapid LESS will take you through LESS in a step-by-step way, so that you not only know how to write smart code, but why it’s a beneficial addition to your existing workflow.