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Rapid Retooling: Developing World-Class Organizations in a Rapidly Changing World

Book Description

Organizational and individual change is constant—it’s not a race to the finish line. Rapid Retooling explains that organizational change is a cyclical process, and shows readers how to constantly and rapidly adapt—or “retool”—themselves, their employees, and their organization business models to keep pace with technology and economic events. By implementing the strategies and tools presented in the book readers will forge a workplace culture that is flexible, resilient, and aware of events that affect its business. This awareness will allow for faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective change initiatives. You will learn how to: Build employees' business acumen, thereby increasing their ability to spot opportunities for driving revenue, as well as potential organizational threats. Create a culture that encourages innovation. Link your organization's business goals to employees' personal goals, increasing their engagement with and dedication to their work.