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Rapid Web Application Development with TypeScript 2.x

Video Description

A fast-paced guide to building cool web applications with the TypeScript 2.x!

About This Video

  • Filled with real-world, practical examples that show you how to jump in and start building effective web applications!

  • Dive into the essentials of TypeScript 2.x that will get you developing right away!

  • Explore the latest features of the TypeScript language!

  • In Detail

    Writing large applications in JavaScript is a challenge. TypeScript brings JavaScript down to Earth by providing optional static typing and future JavaScript features today. It gives the developer instant feedback on the code they are writing in order to catch mistakes earlier in the development process.

    In this video course, you will put in place all TypeScript code to have the basics of the application running by starting the project from scratch, creating the structures and files needed and stitching the code all together with modules. You will also learn how to use third-party code not written in TypeScript. Finally, this volume shows how to enhance your build process in particular with Node and Gulp, and then, how to debug the application.