Raspberry Pi Bootcamp: For the Beginner

Video description

Learn about the Raspberry Pi, build a DIY Google Home Clone and RetroPie Gaming System, work with GPIO pins, and much more.

About This Video

  • Become familiar with the Raspberry Pi
  • Learn how to easily prepare SD cards for any Raspberry Pi operating system
  • Build a digital assistant using the Google Assistant API and Raspberry Pi

In Detail

This course is an introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform. It uses the latest Raspberry Pi 3 and targets all levels, including people simply interested in learning about the Raspberry Pi and its capabilities. After completing this course:

  • You will understand all the components needed to get your Raspberry Pi up-and-running and how to connect them
  • You will learn how to easily prepare an SD card and flash it for any operating system for the Pi
  • You will learn to work with GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins and programmatically control them with Python
  • You will be able to build simple circuits with an LED and interface them to GPIO pins
  • You will build a fully functioning gaming system with RetroPie to play old Nintendo, Sega, and PlayStation games and games from many other older consoles.
  • You will build a Personal Digital Assistant or Google Home Clone using the Google Assistant API complete with robust speech recognition
  • You will learn about the different types of Raspberry Pi model
  • You will learn the difference between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and when each should be used
  • Lots more bonus content is included and new content will be added over time

The course will benefit anyone who wants to learn and explore the Raspberry Pi.

All the code files are placed at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Raspberry-Pi-Bootcamp-For-the-Beginner

Downloading the example code for this course: You can download the example code files for all Packt video courses you have purchased from your account at http://www.PacktPub.com. If you purchased this course elsewhere, you can visit http://www.PacktPub.com/support and register to have the files e-mailed directly to you.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Intro Video 00:02:54
    2. What is a Raspberry Pi? 00:04:09
  2. Chapter 2 : Setting up your Raspberry Pi
    1. Understanding SD Cards 00:01:51
    2. Download and install Etcher 00:01:15
    3. Downloading Raspbian 00:01:07
    4. Flashing our SD Card with Etcher 00:02:05
    5. Connecting the components 00:02:58
  3. Chapter 3 : Raspbian setup and configuration
    1. First Boot Up 00:00:56
    2. Connecting to a network and configuring preferences 00:10:52
    3. Getting familiar with Raspbian 00:04:44
  4. Chapter 4 : Connecting remotely to your Raspberry Pi
    1. Understanding how remote connections can occur 00:02:41
    2. Secure Shell (SSH) 00:03:30
    3. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) 00:02:50
  5. Chapter 5 : Using GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins
    1. Introduction to GPIO pins 00:01:48
    2. Powering an LED from your GPIO pins 00:03:41
  6. Chapter 6 : Programmatically controlling GPIO pins
    1. Wiring change in our circuit 00:01:23
    2. Getting the project resources 00:01:08
    3. Running the program to turn our LED on 00:01:35
    4. Running the program to blink our LED 00:01:54
  7. Chapter 7 : Installing a Web Server
    1. Install and setup Apache 00:04:05
    2. Install and setup PHP 00:04:15
  8. Chapter 8 : Controlling Circuits from a Web Page
    1. Giving the Apache user advanced privileges 00:03:05
    2. Turning our LED on from a Web Page 00:01:27
    3. Python / PHP code review for LED on/off control 00:02:59
    4. Blinking our LED from Web Page Controls 00:01:27
    5. Python / PHP code review for LED blink control 00:02:13
  9. Chapter 9 : Set up your own Gaming System using the Raspberry Pi
    1. Introduction to RetroPie 00:01:16
    2. Components needed 00:03:04
    3. Downloading RetroPie and Flashing our SD Card 00:02:26
    4. Setup Components 00:01:45
    5. Setting up the Gamepad or Controller 00:01:26
    6. Configuring RetroPie 00:02:59
    7. Understanding the process of getting ROMS and how they need to be setup 00:07:02
    8. Preparing and Installing ROMs 00:03:11
    9. Play Games! 00:04:10
  10. Chapter 10 : Creating a Google Home Clone
    1. Hardware components that will be needed 00:02:24
    2. Preparing our SD card 00:03:03
    3. Connecting our components 00:03:00
    4. Software configuration 00:07:17
    5. Doing the audio and microphone check 00:02:38
    6. Setup in the Google Cloud Console 00:05:25
    7. Connecting our push button switch 00:01:29
    8. Try it out! Ask it anything! 00:03:48

Product information

  • Title: Raspberry Pi Bootcamp: For the Beginner
  • Author(s): Lee Assam
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838554132