Chapter 2

Downloading the Operating System

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing Linux

arrow Determining which Linux distribution to use

arrow Downloading and unzipping a Linux distribution

arrow Flashing your SD card

Before you can do anything with your Raspberry Pi, you need to provide it with an operating system. The operating system software enables you to use the computer’s basic functions and looks after activities such as managing files and running applications, like word processors or web browsers. Those applications use the operating system as an intermediary to talk to the hardware and they won’t work without it. This concept isn’t unique to the Raspberry Pi. On your laptop, the operating system might be Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. On an iPad or iPhone, it’s iOS.

In this chapter, we show you how to create your own SD card with the operating system on it. It only takes a few minutes, but it might require you to use unfamiliar software or commands, so this chapter takes you through it in detail.

Even if you buy an SD card preloaded with the operating system (see Chapter 1), flashing an SD card for ...

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