Chapter 4

Using the Desktop Environment

In This Chapter

arrow Starting and navigating the desktop environment

arrow Using external storage devices in the desktop environment

arrow Using the File Manager and Image Viewer

arrow Browsing the web

arrow Customizing your desktop

arrow Logging out from LXDE

The quickest way to start playing with your Raspberry Pi is to use the more visual desktop environment, which is called LXDE (short for Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment). LXDE is part of the Raspbian Wheezy Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi (see Chapter 2), the distribution that is recommended for beginners. LXDE is designed to be as efficient as possible in its use of memory and the processor. That makes it perfect for the Raspberry Pi, which is limited in both respects compared to many modern computers.

The desktop environment works in a similar way to the Windows or Mac OS operating systems, which let you use ...

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