Navigating the Desktop Environment

Figure 4-1 shows the LXDE desktop environment. The giant raspberry logo in the middle of the screen is just a wallpaper (a decorative background image on the screen), so don’t worry if you see a different image there.

The strip along the bottom of the screen is called the task bar, and this is usually visible whatever program you’re using.


LXDE Foundation e.V.

Figure 4-1: The desktop environment, LXDE.

Using the icons on the desktop

Down the left of the screen you can find icons that provide rapid access to essential programs, including your web browser, programming tools, and demonstration games (for purely educational purposes, of course!). These programs are

check.png Scratch: This is a simple programming language, approachable for people of all ages, which can be used to create games and animations. Chapters 10 and 11 introduce you to Scratch and show you how to make your own game.

check.png LXTerminal: This opens a window you can use to issue instructions through a command line (see Chapter 5) without leaving the desktop environment. This is handy if you want to do something quickly using the command line, but you don’t want to exit your desktop session to ...

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