Chapter 9

Introducing Programming with Scratch

In This Chapter

arrow Starting Scratch

arrow Understanding the Scratch screen layout

arrow Positioning and resizing your sprite

arrow Making your sprite move

arrow Changing your sprite’s appearance

arrow Adding sounds and music

The Raspberry Pi was created partly to inspire the next generation of programmers, and Scratch is the perfect place to start. With it, you can make your own cartoons and games and discover some of the concepts that professional programmers use every day.

Scratch is designed to be approachable for people of all ages. The visual interface makes it easy to see what you can do at any time without having to remember any strange codes, and you can rapidly achieve great results. Scratch comes with a library of images and sounds, so it only takes a few minutes to write your first Scratch program.

In this chapter, we introduce you to Scratch so you can start ...

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