Chapter 1

Introducing the Raspberry Pi


check Getting up close and personal with the Raspberry Pi

check Taking stock of your Raspberry Pi

check Determining its limitations

check Purchasing your very own Raspberry Pi

check Figuring out what else you need

The Raspberry Pi is perhaps the most inspiring computer available today. Although most of the computing devices being used (including phones, tablets, and game consoles) are designed to stop people from tinkering with them, the Raspberry Pi is exactly the opposite. From the moment you see its shiny green circuit board, it invites you to prod it, play with it, and create with it. It comes with the tools you need to start creating your own software (or programming), and you can connect your own electronic inventions to it. It’s cheap enough that if you break it, it won’t break the bank, so you can experiment with confidence.

Lots of people are fired up about its potential, and they’re discovering exciting new ways to use it. Dave Akerman ( ...

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