Chapter 4

Using the Desktop Environment


check Using the desktop environment to manage your Pi

check Using external storage devices in the desktop environment

check Copying, moving, and managing files and their permissions

check Viewing web pages on the Raspberry Pi

check Using some of the built-in applications on your Raspberry Pi

check Customizing the desktop with your preferred settings

The quickest way to start playing with your Raspberry Pi is to use the more visual desktop environment, which is called PIXEL (short for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight). PIXEL is part of the recommended Raspbian Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi (see Chapter 3), and by default it is what will appear when your computer finishes starting up. It's based on an open source desktop called LXDE, which the Raspberry Pi Foundation has redesigned. (LXDE is short for Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, in ...

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