Chapter 12

Creating a Game with Python and Pygame Zero


check Using Pygame Zero to display images and play sounds

check Making a simple click-the-clouds game

check Using a list to manage multiple images

check Animating your images

check Adding a countdown timer

Developing games is one of the best ways to explore programming. It gives you rapid, visual results, so you can easily see what's going on and you get to have some fun playing your creation at the end. Game development also makes it easy to think of fresh coding challenges to solve, as you dream up new features to add.

One of the most popular tools for making games in Python is called Pygame: It's a set of functions that makes it easier to manage your images and sounds, among other things. Pygame has a few complexities, though, and can be difficult to get started with.

That inspired Daniel Pope to make Pygame Zero, a library of routines that simplifies Pygame so that you can get started more easily. It also includes a number of built-in functions ...

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