Chapter 14

Making Music with Sonic Pi


check Playing notes and melodies using Sonic Pi

check Creating random computer-generated music

check Adding samples to your compositions

check Synchronizing your tunes with drumbeats and samples

For much of the music we hear today, computers are at least as important in the studio as microphones are, and they have been for many years. Using Sonic Pi, you can start composing your own computer music by programming your Raspberry Pi. It enables you to put together simple programs that play synthesizer melodies and sampled sounds, generating your own distinctive instrumental music.

Sam Aaron, who created Sonic Pi, says: “Sonic Pi has two concurrent goals: to be simple to learn and yet also powerful enough for professional musicians. You might think that sounds a bit ambitious, but it exactly describes a piano.”

Sam has performed concerts using Sonic Pi at international festivals including Moogfest 2016, a celebration of electronic music. While people listen to Sam's music at a performance, they can see how he is creating and editing his code on the screen ...

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