Chapter 17

Lots of Multicolored LEDs


check Finding out how to use an RGB LED

check Discovering the APA102C integrated LED and driver

check Writing a class driver for the APA102C

check Making a Rainbow Invaders game

check Designing a Keepy Uppy football game

check Discovering more LED strip shapes

check Creating a wearable colorful broach

Chapter 16 shows you how to control LEDs in terms of both patterns and sequences. Now we’re going to get colorful and look at multicolored LEDs. We use different colors of LED in Chapter 16’s Pedestrian Crossing project, where each LED has its own color. Another type of LED contains three different colored LEDs in the same package. This type is known as an RGB LED because the three colors are red, green, and blue.

RGB LEDs come in three basic forms: common anode, common cathode, ...

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