Chapter 18

Old McDonald's Farm and Other RFID Adventures


check Finding out what makes an RFID card work

check Discovering how to read data from a card

check Making an RFID-powered jukebox

check Creating onscreen dress-up doll and choosing the outfits with RFID cards

check Getting your Raspberry Pi to sing the world’s longest version of “Old McDonald's Farm”

The RFID card (short for Radio Frequency IDentification card) is becoming ubiquitous. It’s being used these days for not only building-access control but also travel cards, prepayments at cafeterias, and even antiforgery protection on tickets. They can also be used in amusement park wristbands, and even blood donor cards. When your pet is chipped, a small glass-encapsulated RFID tag is injected just under the skin at the neck of the animal.

Given all the things that can be done using RFID , you might think they are complex devices, and you would be right. However, if you pack away the complexity in a very smart chip and hide the interaction ...

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