Chapter 15

LEGO Direct

In This Chapter

arrow Adding a reset button to your Raspberry Pi

arrow Saving on batteries for your EV3 brick

arrow Controlling the LEGO motor directly from your Raspberry Pi

arrow Reading the motor’s rotary sensors

arrow Revealing the secrets of the EV3’s sensors

arrow Accessing the LEGO peripherals without building anything

In the previous two chapters, we show you ways to communicate with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Intelligent Brick. In this chapter, we get a lot more hacky and look at controlling motors and reading sensors directly from the Raspberry Pi.

You can make your own cables that are much more flexible than the official cables, and we show you how in this chapter. Finally, when using the Raspberry Pi with a LEGO system, you can save on battery power and customize your project to your liking, and we cover all that in the pages that follow.

Creating a Reset Button for the Raspberry Pi ...

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