Chapter 20

Ten Great LEGO Pi Projects

In This Chapter

arrow Uncovering useful and interesting LEGO contraptions

arrow Using LEGO bricks with commercial software

arrow Bringing your old RXC brick back to life

LEGO bricks are great mechanical prototyping tools. They allow you to explore mechanical design with the minimum of tooling and construction. Although some people see them as nothing more than children’s toys, those who know better see working with LEGO bricks as an exciting and quick way to give a physical side to your electronic projects.


Created by Andrew Mulholland, the Panobot ( allows the Raspberry Pi to take a series of pictures using the Raspberry Pi camera. These pictures can then be stitched together to produce spectacular panoramic pictures. The Panobot works by moving the camera both up and down and left and right. It’s run by a Python script, which allows you to set how wide the panorama should be and how many elevation pictures to take. After the images are taken, you download them to a laptop and stitch them together into one image using the application Hugin (

Andrew is a teacher in Northern Island who formed ...

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