Reaching the Goal: How Managers Improve a Services Business Using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints

Book description

“There is no doubt that this is a truly original and groundbreaking work in applying the Theory of Constraints. I run a services company and learned some things about the services business. Anyone involved in large services companies needs to look at what John is proposing. I will definitely quote this material frequently.”

ChadSmith, Managing Partner, Constraints Management Group

“The information presented in this book is badly needed by service providers who struggle to balance supply and demand with their resources.”

Carol A. Ptak, CFPIM, CIRM

“The techniques that John brings to light in this book are the bridge from the vision of Dr. Goldratt’s work to the successful implementation in a range of services firms.”

From the Foreword by Erik Bush, Vice President, IBM Global Services 

  • Discover the powerful Theory of Constraints (TOC), and use it to drive continuous performance improvement in any services organization

  • Identify the hidden constraints that are limiting your organization, and manage or eliminate them

  • Use TOC to improve the way you manage resources, projects, processes, finance, marketing, and sales

  • Determine whether your organization faces an internal or external constraint, manage that constraint accordingly, and anticipate where the next constraint will arise

  • Release latent capacity shrouded by common business practices

  • Simplify processes that have grown unmanageably complex

  • Optimize your enterprise as a whole rather than suboptimizing individual business units

  • Get buy-in to fundamental changes in strategy, tactics, and operations

  •  Managing services is extremely challenging, and traditional “industrial” management techniques are no longer adequate. In Reaching the Goal, Dr. John Arthur Ricketts presents a breakthrough management approach that embraces what makes services different: their diversity, complexity, and unique distribution methods.

    Ricketts draws on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), one of this generation’s most successful management methodologies...thoroughly adapting it to the needs of today’s professional, scientific, and technical services businesses. He reveals how to identify the surprising constraints that limit your organization’s performance, execute more effectively within those constraints, and then loosen or even eliminate them.

    This book’s relentlessly practical techniques reflect several years of advanced IBM research and consulting with enterprise clients. Step-by-step, Ricketts shows how to apply them throughout your most crucial business functions...from project management to finance, process improvement to sales and marketing.

    Whatever your role in improving service delivery, processes, or profitability, this book gives you the tools to reach your goals...and go beyond them 

  • Identify, manage, and overcome your key constraints

  •     Five steps to uncovering and addressing the real obstacles to improved performance

  • Optimize core business functions, one step at a time

  •     Improve the way you manage resources, projects, processes, finance, and marketing

  • Implement TOC rapidly and effectively

  •     Get buy-in, deploy infrastructure, and provide the right IT support?

    Product information

    • Title: Reaching the Goal: How Managers Improve a Services Business Using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2007
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 9780132333122