React Native Projects

Video Description

Develop native cross-platform mobile apps more rapidly, easily and effectively with React Native!

About This Video

  • Quickly get-up-and running with the React Native toolset, and discover a set of related tools that can greatly enhance your development environment

  • Create beautiful and functional apps using multiple navigation paradigms and taking advantage of native device capabilities

  • Expand your application's capabilities by bringing in additional packages from the open source community

  • In Detail

    React Native is a fantastic new framework produced by Facebook that allows developers to create truly native applications running on both iOS and Android, all while writing code in JavaScript. It breaks down several of the complexities of mobile apps to ease development, and offers many pre-built components to accelerate development.

    To quickly get going with React Native, this course walks you through the creation of three real-world mobile applications, each designed not only to introduce essential core concepts but also to show you how to make beautiful and functional applications using best practices. At the end of the course, you will have mastered creating and manipulating React Native apps, will know how to structure navigation and data flow, and will have been exposed to many built-in React Native components. You will also learn about pushing your applications to production and app stores. Both iOS and Android development are covered throughout the course.

    By the end of this course you will be able to plan your own future progress with React Native.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Installation and Setup
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:59
      2. Introduction to React and React Native 00:09:46
      3. Installation (Mac) 00:05:36
      4. Installation (Windows) 00:07:03
      5. Verifying Installation 00:08:20
      6. Environment Setup for Sublime Text 00:07:38
    2. Chapter 2 : RelaxationStation App
      1. Starting the RelaxationStation App 00:06:04
      2. Basic React Native Code Structures and Organization 00:03:31
      3. Adding and Styling Components 00:06:31
      4. Adding Buttons and Images 00:06:09
      5. Custom Components and Props 00:07:14
      6. Navigation in React Native 00:07:36
      7. Static Data and Properties 00:05:56
      8. Intermediate Styling Techniques 00:06:12
      9. Flexbox and Application State 00:09:30
      10. Animations with LayoutAnimation 00:06:17
    3. Chapter 3 : BeBriefed App
      1. Starting the BeBriefed App 00:04:04
      2. Pulling in Third-party Libraries 00:06:45
      3. Debugging Techniques in React Native 00:07:48
      4. Introducing Tabbed Navigation 00:04:59
      5. Switching Between Tabs 00:05:56
      6. Styling Enhancements 00:02:55
      7. Integrating Data from an External API 00:05:27
    4. Chapter 4 : Chat Now App
      1. Starting the Chat Now App 00:07:07
      2. Advanced Navigation Techniques 00:07:32
      3. Using the Linking API 00:02:29
      4. Introduction to Flux and Redux 00:02:59
      5. Redux Reducers and Actions 00:08:51
      6. Redux and Containers 00:08:21
    5. Chapter 5 : Chat Now App (Continued)
      1. Chat Screen and Keyboard Tips 00:09:12
      2. Thunks, Pure Reducers, and Scrolling 00:09:14
      3. Two-way API Communication 00:06:41
      4. More Navigator Techniques 00:04:37
      5. AsyncStorage 00:06:18
      6. AysncStorage (Continued) 00:05:39
    6. Chapter 6 : Preparing Apps for Distribution
      1. Generating App Icons 00:05:04
      2. iOS App Icons and Display Name 00:03:30
      3. Android App Icons and Display Name 00:02:06
      4. Creating a Production Bundle 00:03:03
      5. Upgrading React Native Versions 00:03:37
      6. Community Resources and Giving Back 00:05:58

    Product Information

    • Title: React Native Projects
    • Author(s): Joshua Lyman
    • Release date: August 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781786466235