Creating our map app

Let's start with the basic setup from the first chapter. As usual, we'll be extending the scaffold with a few extra packages:

npm install --save-dev classnames@2.2.1 react-bootstrap@0.29.3 reflux@0.4.1 url@0.11.0 lodash.pick@3.1.0 lodash.identiy@3.0.0 leaflet@0.7.7

Most of these packages should be familiar to you. The ones we haven't used in the earlier chapters are url, two utility functions from the lodash library, and the leaflet map library. We'll use the url function for URL resolution and parsing. The lodash functions will come in handy when we need to compose a URL to the map service of our choice. Leaflet is an open source JavaScript library for interactive maps. We'll get back to it when we add an interactive map ...

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