Chapter 6. Advanced React

In the first part of this chapter, we'll look at Webpack, Redux, and how to write components with the new class syntax introduced in JavaScript 2015. Writing ReactJS components with the class syntax is a little bit different than using React.createClass, so we'll be looking at the differences and the pros and cons.

In the second part of this chapter, we'll write an app that handles authentication using Redux.

This is what we'll cover in this chapter:

  • A new bundling strategy:
    • How Browserify works
    • How Webpack works
    • A difficult choice
  • Creating a new scaffold with Webpack
    • The Babel configuration
    • The Webpack configuration
    • Adding assets
    • Creating an Express server
    • Adding ReactJS to the mix
    • Starting the server
  • Introducing Redux
    • The single ...

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