Oh no, not another real estate book! As someone interested in Canadian real estate, you’ve probably been very disappointed by the lack of information that focuses on our Canadian market. There are huge differences between our real estate market laws and those in the United States. Yet it seems that everywhere we look, all we have are U.S.-based books and programs.
The good news is the situation has changed. This book, over 16 years in the making, has been developed by successful Canadian investors for our fellow Canadians. Whether you want to buy your first property or your 100th, this book will provide you with a proven step-by-step Canadian system. You will discover the exact steps to take to ensure you are investing safely and securely, based on the economic realities of the market. This book focuses on turning your real estate dreams into realities—one property at a time.
How do I know it will work for you? Because I know it to be true by seeing the results of thousands of others who have used the system you are about to discover. What you’ll learn in this book has already allowed Canadians from all walks of life to invest in more than 24,500 properties with a total value that exceeds $2.34 billion in real estate purchased using the step-by-step strategies and secrets you’re about to discover in this book. These investors didn’t start with a huge load of cash or an IQ of 160. The people who have already proven the success ...

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