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Real Leaders

Book Description


A leader leads, but a true leader will be able to champion shared values to achieve extraordinary results. Learn how to turn a leader into a real leader. This book delves into the three critical pillars of a successful organisation: developing leaders, building a shared culture based on core values, and managing performance effectively. Real leaders have an anchored resolve to bring on breakthrough performance, which can only happen when a vision translates into action. Real leaders engage the hearts and build bonds that last through good and bad times. Leave aside mind-boggling management frameworks/theories and focus on real examples based on timeless principles of leadership, culture and performance management, personal experience and business case studies.


Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
  7. Preface by Lily Cheng and Peter Cheng
  8. Part One: Being a Real Leader
    1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    2. What-ness of a real leader
      1. Chapter 2: Competence
      2. Chapter 3: Creating an inclusive environment
      3. Chapter 4: Compassion
    3. Who-ness of a real leader
      1. Chapter 5: Character
      2. Chapter 6: Conviction with courage
      3. Chapter 7: Credibility
      4. Conclusion
  9. Part Two: Anchoring Culture on Shared Core Values
    1. Chapter 8: Introduction to Organisational Culture
    2. Chapter 9: Corporate behaviours and Core Values
    3. Chapter 10: Overview of the Core Values Intervention
    4. Chapter 11: Phase 1 – Shared Core Values
    5. Chapter 12: Phase 2 – Communicating the Core Values
    6. Chapter 13: Phase 3 – Living out the Values
    7. Chapter 14: Phase 4 – Making the Values stick
    8. Chapter 15: Beyond Core Values
    9. Conclusion
  10. Part Three: Pursuing Performance Through People
    1. Chapter 16: Human Resources and their Strategic Importance
    2. Chapter 17: Human Resources and Performance Management
    3. Chapter 18: The changing landscape of HRM
    4. Chapter 19: HR and Performance Management in organisations today
    5. Chapter 20: HR planning
    6. Chapter 21: The Performance Management Framework
    7. Chapter 22: The Performance Management System and Processes
    8. Chapter 23: Compensation and Performance-Based Pay
    9. Chapter 24: Implementation of the right system, in the right way
    10. Chapter 25: The importance of Organisational Culture
    11. Chapter 26: Overview of issues regarding Performance Management and its process
    12. Conclusion
  11. The Authors’ Heartbeats
  12. About the Authors
  13. PACE OD Consulting