Media Sources

Here are links to some of the articles, blog posts, and videos that are mentioned in the book.

Part One Revolution Time

Chapter 1 Grow Your Business Now

  • United Breaks Guitars Video 1

    July 6, 2009

  • Taylor Guitars Responds to "United Breaks Guitars" Video

    July 10, 2009

  • Taylor Service, Air Travel Tips, and a Message from Bob Taylor

  • Air Guitar (Information on how to travel with a guitar)

  • Dave Carroll site

  • Calton Cases Dave Carroll Traveler's Edition Guitar Case

Chapter 2 Speed versus Sloth: Dispatches from the Front

  • TMZ Breaks the News of Michael Jackson's Death

  • "Politico's Washington Coup" in Vanity Fair

  • Newspaper Death Watch Site

  • Google Finally Gets Real-Time

  • Seth Godin Blog Post Announcing What Matters Now

Chapter 5 Too Big to Succeed?

  • 2010 Fortune 500 Full List

  • Blog Post by John Winsor, Harry's Father, "Is Your Customer Service Ready for the New World of Openness?" ...

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