444 Real-time systems development
3. Check out the principal differences between Verilog and VHDL for
FPGA configuration.
4. Start by looking at www.opencores.org, then draw up a list of CPU
cores which are available in the form of IP files for downloading.
5. Consider the design and development of a voice-operated washing
machine. Carry out a study of the h/w-s/w tradeoff with regard to
the provision of the expected functionality.
20.10 Suggestions for reading
Altera Corp. (2002). Nios Embedded Processor Peripherals Reference Manual.
Altera Corp. (2002). Custom instructions for the Nios embedded processor. Applica-
tion Note 188.
Altera Corp. (2004). APEX20K Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet.
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http://www.opencores.org, source for open source IP files.

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