Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2
Slide Show offers by far the easiest way to review and rank your raw im-
ages at full-screen resolution, and is a valuable addition to the workfl ow.
The Window Menu and Bridge Confi guration
The Window menu is short and sweet (so short and sweet that it doesnt
actually list the windows that are open in Bridge—maybe next time), and
the one item youre likely to use again and again is the Workspace menu,
which lets you save and recall custom Bridge confi gurations. Bridge ships
with four preconfi gured Workspaces—Lightbox, File Navigator, Metadata
Focus, and Filmstrip Focus, shown in Figure 6-40—but if youre at all like
me you’ll probably fi nd that none of them is exactly what you want.
Figure 6-39
Slide Show Options
Figure 6-40
Preset Workspaces
Bridges preconfi gured
Lightbox Workspace
Chapter 6: Adobe Bridge
Figure 6-40
Preset Workspaces,
Bridges preconfi gured
File Navigator Workspace
Bridges preconfi gured
Metadata Focus
Bridges preconfi gured
Filmstrip Focus
Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2
Fortunately, Bridge windows are eminently confi gurable, and you can
save your custom confi gurations as Workspaces too. You can dock the
panels as you wish, resize them by dragging their borders, remove panels
you dont need using the View menu commands, or hide all the panels
using the Show/Hide panels toggle. See Figure 6-4, earlier in this chapter,
for the locations of the various window components.
Saving Workspaces in Bridge is easy. Confi gure the window the way
you want the Workspace to appear, then choose Save Workspace from
the Window>Workspace menu. Enter a name (and, optionally, a keyboard
shortcut), then click Save, checking Save Window Location as Part of
Workspace if you always want the window to appear in the same place
(very useful on dual-monitor setups). Your saved Workspace is then added
to the Workspace menu—see Figure 6-41.
Figure 6-41
Saving a Workspace
Confi gure the window
the way you want the
Workspace to behave.
In this case, I’m display-
ing two maximum-size
thumbnails side by
side with fi lename and
metadata hidden.
Choose Save Workspace
from the Workspace
submenu on the
Window menu.
Name and save your

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