Stop when your set is done, and your whole set is recorded. Click
Export Song to save it as a WAV file and burn it to disc or convert it
with iTunes, Windows Media Player, or another program. (The MP3
converter in Kinetic costs extra, but you can convert your songs to MP3
or OGG for free in Audacity.)
Getting More Advanced with Kinetic
Kinetic may be an entry-level app, but as a groove station it integrates per-
fectly with other parts of a software studio. Here are some of the more
advanced features Kinetic offers:
Make your own patterns: With a MIDI keyboard (or simply by
painting in notes or drum hits), you can create your own beats and
melodic materials for the patches. You can even paint or record right
over the top of the patterns we used in the preceding sections, because
the pattern loops as it plays. Just select a pattern and click Edit Pattern.
Paint over the groove: Using the Auto (automation) tool (Figure 5.9)
in both the Part Editor and Sound Arranger, you can paint over your
patterns and grooves to automatically adjust volume, pan, MIDI con-
trollers (see Chapter 8), and even effect and instrument settings.
Save as Template: By choosing Save as Template, you can build a cus-
tom groove toolkit for yourself for easy modification, so you don’t have
to repeat some of the steps we performed in this walkthrough.
Export audio loops, work with Project5: Aside from exporting a
song as audio, you can also export a single groove (complete with
effects) for use in a program like Ableton Live (also included on the
DVD). In addition, you can save files as Project5 files for use with
Kinetic’s “pro” sibling. Project5 is a more extensive program that is
also based on hardware-style synth patches and pattern editing. Using
Project5, you can expand the possibilities of what you can do with
Kinetic alone.
5: Q
ReWire Kinetic to other programs: Since Kinetic is essentially a
collection of virtual hardware plus some pattern editors, you can use
ReWire to incorporate Kinetic into other programs you’re using, like
SONAR, Live, and Cubase. ReWire will automatically route audio
from Kinetic into any of those programs, syncing to its tempo, a perfect
setup for live performance with Ableton Live or studio sessions with
other programs.
Figure 5.9 Record, paint, and
edit your own patterns, then
paint automation and MIDI
data over the top of them
using the Pattern Editor.
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