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Real World Infusionsoft

Video Description

Start maximizing Infusionsoft in your small business sale's efforts

About This Video

  • Learn all about the sales pipeline setup and sales management

  • Explore advanced online offer tactics

  • Leverage automation to recover revenue

  • In Detail

    This course will help you improve the customer experience, making them wanting to buy from them.

    We start off with an interesting discussion on how to sell products online and earn good money. We’ll look at some techniques such as eCommerce Plumbing and automation to help you attract customers. Moving ahead, you’ll see how the same tactics can be effectively implemented in a scenario where a Sales team is involved. Next, we focus on how to provide an unforgettable experience for new customers and make them never go away!

    Later, we demonstrate tactics such as campaigns, satisfaction survey, and birthday wishes. Finally, we take a look at various re-engagement tactics that can be applied to your system to keep long-time, faithful customers motivated and on board.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : eCommerce Plumbing
      1. The Course Overview 00:06:01
      2. Setting Up Your Merchant Account 00:06:07
      3. Creating Products and Subscription 00:08:27
      4. Building Order Forms 00:06:41
    2. Chapter 2 : eCommerceAutomation
      1. Implementing an Automated Cart Abandon Follow-Up 00:08:58
      2. Collecting Failed Automated Billing Attempts 00:09:14
    3. Chapter 3 : Advanced Offer Tactics
      1. Creating a One-Click Upsell 00:12:07
      2. Building a One-Click Upsell or Downsell Chain 00:13:54
      3. Creating an Evergreen Sales Funnel with an Expiring Offer 00:08:25
    4. Chapter 4 : Pipeline Fundamentals
      1. Setting Up a Sales Pipeline 00:16:09
      2. Working Sales Opportunities 00:08:02
      3. Building the Perfect Sales Rep Dashboard 00:13:17
      4. Using Round Robins for Sales Teams 00:08:48
      5. Setting Up Lead Scoring 00:09:02
    5. Chapter 5 : Pipeline Workflow Tactics
      1. Saving Time with FAQ Workflows 00:10:41
      2. Merging Custom Opportunity Fields into E-mails 00:09:38
    6. Chapter 6 : Pipeline Automation Tactics
      1. Automating Based on Lead Score Achievement 00:10:30
      2. Building a Long-term Prospect Nurture 00:20:38
      3. Sending Automated Appointment Reminders 00:11:55
    7. Chapter 7 : Common New Customer Tactics
      1. Segmenting by Last Purchase Date 00:10:01
      2. Building a New Customer Welcome Campaign 00:07:20
      3. Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey 00:15:17
    8. Chapter 8 : Automated Customer Engagement
      1. Asking for Testimonials Automatically 00:14:22
      2. Setting Up a Birthday Collection Mechanism 00:13:35
      3. Building Automated Happy Birthday Messages 00:11:00
    9. Chapter 9 : Re-Engagement Tactics
      1. Updating a Soon-to-be-Expired Credit Card Automatically 00:11:37
      2. Re-engaging Inactive E-mails in Your Database 00:15:22
      3. Building a Vaynerchuk Opt-out 00:04:55
    10. Chapter 10 : Referral Partner Configuration
      1. Setting Up a Basic Referral Partner Program 00:11:47
      2. Building a Referral Partner Sign-Up Form 00:09:39
      3. Collecting W-9 Forms from Referral Partners Automatically 00:08:32