Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups

Book Description

Are you making reliable backups and performing regular maintenance on your Mac? Too few Mac users take the time to do so, and they regret it when something goes wrong. That's where Macintosh expert Joe Kissell can help. You'll learn how to keep your Mac running smoothly with a set of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks, plus get advice on preparing for Mac OS X updates. You'll also find out how to monitor your Mac to detect problems early and where to turn if trouble raises its ugly head.

But the most important aspect of maintenance is a rock-solid backup strategy that protects all your important data in the event of catastrophe. To that end, Joe provides an at-a-glance comparison of different strategies, explains the pros and cons of each type of media, and helps you pick the best backup program for your needs. You'll find time-tested recommendations that help you set up, test, and maintain your backups, complete with instructions on how to restore after a crash. Important lessons you'll learn along the way include the utility of having both a duplicate and an archive, the necessity of testing backups, and the importance of offsite backups.

In this book you'll find the answers to questions like these:

  • When is my Mac likely to have trouble?

  • How can I find out which unnecessary files are taking up space on my disk?

  • Should I defragment my hard disk and repair permissions regularly?

  • What is the best backup software and hardware?

  • How can I make sure I can restore from my backups?

  • Product Information

    • Title: Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2006
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780321492180