Tips and Tricks for Designers and Developers

by Daron Yöndem

Building high-quality software is getting more and more complex every day. The customer expectations are rising as available tools and technologies evolve. Providing the best set of features or functionalities is just a starting point on the way to building premium quality software. Customers want to see a visually appealing interface, and they want to get in touch with the software in a sensational way.

With these requirements, where functionality meets beautifully designed interfaces, development teams face another design aspect called user experience (UX) design. It's not only about having the best set of colors or shapes on the screen. It's also about how you want your customers to use your software, or how you want them to feel using your software.

In this complex world, it is crucial to incorporate a different set of skills into one project. Creating stunning visuals, building animations, designing user interface (UI) controls, organizing the content, and integrating functionalities with back-end systems are just some of the tasks that should be successfully accomplished to create the best quality software.

The job is too much to be a one-man show. Different roles and people should be involved in the making of a great application. At the highest level, these roles are often defined as developers and designers.

The success of an end product developed by a group of people is mostly based on the collaboration skills ...

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