SHAREPOINT 2010 IS A TRULY MASSIVE PLATFORM that can be thought of as an operating system for Information Workers. In this context, it is becoming increasingly difficult for any single individual to know everything about SharePoint. Instead, the community of SharePoint professionals is specializing. Some of us are workflow experts, others are web content management experts, still others are focused on data integration. Furthermore, it is now impossible to collect all of the end user, administration, and development knowledge for SharePoint into a single resource. Dedicated SharePoint professionals have shelves full of books, or maybe just a fully loaded Kindle, with titles covering the spectrum of subjects from installation and configuration, through customization and development. Additionally, Microsoft provides MSDN, TechNet, and several SDKs.

The size and scope of SharePoint 2010 makes the community of SharePoint technologists more important than ever before. SharePoint professionals have come to rely on blogs, forums, screencasts, and social networking as primary sources for education and problem resolution. These free resources are often at the leading edge of new thought, and routinely identify solutions to perplexing problems.

Microsoft recognizes key individuals who contribute significantly to the SharePoint community through the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. These individuals are active authors, speakers, bloggers, tweeters, and innovators. ...

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